Meeting GS1 Barcode Labeling Requirements

Meeting GS1 Barcode Labeling Requirements

GS1 barcode labeling can be an essential component of accurate supply chain management. Without GS1, many  companies in a variety of industries may find it nearly impossible to track shipments and identify products as they make their way through the vast network of transportation channels that funnels goods throughout the world. Meeting the GS1 barcode labeling requirements is one way for a company to prevent loss of products and to comply with industry logistics standards.

Which Industries Need to Meet GS1 Barcode Labeling Requirements?

Retail, healthcare and transportation are just three industries that use GS1 barcode labeling requirements. In the retail industry, manufacturers and retailers are able to track items through the supply chain to ensure they arrive at their intended destination. For the healthcare industry, labeling requirements are designed to track much-needed equipment and medications so they arrive where they are needed on time. The transportation industry uses GS1 barcode labeling to track and monitor shipments, preventing a loss of revenue and inventory that could otherwise cause a financial hardship for a company waiting on a delivery.

Using GSI Identification Keys

The most important component of following GS1 barcode labeling requirements is the successful use of identification keys. These indicators provide information about shipping container identifiers, asset identifiers, part numbers, and more. This information allows items to be tracked in a variety of ways. By using a uniform standard of identifying information, it is easier to track products and shipments no matter where they are in the world.

How to Implement GS1 Labeling

Enterprise label management systems are designed to help you comply with labeling requirements and keep track of your products. This type of software lets you design and print labels for your products while meeting GS1 labeling standards. GS1 barcode labeling requirements are easy to follow when you have the right software. Look to Innovatum solutions for your GS1 labeling needs.