Understanding Unique Device Identification

Unique Device Identification (UDI) refers to a system that is designed to mark the labels of medical devices used within the healthcare system. The U.S. FDA released a final ruling on the system in 2014. The system is intended to be fully implemented over the next several years.

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What is UDI?

The UDI was designed to establish a unified, global system for the identification of all medical devices within the U.S. supply chain. According to the rule:

  • A unique identifier must be assigned to each model or version of a medical device by the manufacturer.
  • The UDI must be both human and machine readable.
  • A UDI must be clearly and legibly applied.
  • Depending upon the nature and purpose of the device, the UDI may also include the manufacturer’s lot/batch number, the product serial number, date of manufacture, expiration date and name and address of manufacturer, supplier or distributor.

What is the Purpose of the UDI Requirement?

After a number of years’ research, the FDA concluded that automatic identification technologies (AIDC) have a number of benefits within the healthcare industry. Such technology can help improve cost efficiency and patient safety.

What are the Benefits of UDI?

The UDI system has a number of benefits including:

  • helping to reduce the incidence of medical error
  • making medical devices safer for patients, caregivers and health professionals
  • faster and more accurate data collection in conjunction with the GUDID
  • faster device identification in the event of device recall

The full implementation of the UDI rule will take place over the next seven years. The timeline for a particular medical device will vary depending on the class of the medical device.

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