Enterprise Labeling Efficiencies Realized

Enterprise labeling is a term that refers to a labeling management solution which can include label design, review, and controlled revision with printing capabilities across multiple global locations. An enterprise labeling system that is designed for the life sciences must accomplish all of the above but in addition, it must comply with the provisions of 21 CFR. A Life Sciences specific enterprise labeling solution utilizes software technology that retains label data and imposes appropriate and auditable controls for compliance with government regulations to all labeling. It makes the processes of review and revision easier than ever before and reduces the risk of product recalls or other labeling related problems.

Benefits of Enterprise Labeling

Enterprise labeling delivers a number of benefits, including:

  • reducing the complexity of packaging
  • easily automating labeling
  • enabling the printing of labels at different geographic locations
  • increasing supply chain transparency
  • reducing the number of label templates required
  • facilitating change of labels to suit client needs
  • enabling the creation of a high volume of labels
  • increasing the accuracy of label production
  • ensuring that labels meet all government regulatory requirements
  • reducing the risk of counterfeit labels
  • preventing build-up of unwanted stock
  • significantly reducing manufacturing costs
  • avoiding costly downtime

label printerIf you are looking for a labeling solution that will ensure your business is keeping pace with government regulatory demands, supporting labeling consistency and facilitating rapid labeling changes, enterprise labeling is the solution you are seeking. It will boost your efficiency by providing you with the speed and flexibility you need to keep up with changing demands.

Our team of experts at Innovatum has extensive experience with enterprise labeling for the life sciences. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you with compliance issues and we will be happy to answer all your questions about enterprise labeling and how it can make your life sciences business more efficient.