How Product Labeling Can Optimize your Supply Chain

Product labeling is a complex process that can offer a number of opportunities for increasing efficiency and cost effectiveness. If your product labeling system is outmoded, your company’s ability to meet demand efficiently is compromised. However, implementing an up-to-date enterprise labeling solution can not only streamline your operations, it can help to optimize your supply chain by ensuring that you can efficiently provide labels that meet regulatory requirements as needed and quickly bring new products to new markets.

How to Meet the Product Labeling Challenge

By adopting a centralized strategy and system that consolidates product labeling activity throughout the labeling process you can move towards optimizing your supply chain. This means replacing file-based storage with a label life cycle management solution that uses a centralized database. Using an appropriately designed, browser-based interface will facilitate printing at multiple geographic locations and can allow seamless printing by contract manufacturers. Also, using a label approval management system can streamline the product labeling approval and the approval tracking process. An integrated label translation management capability can allow you to bring your product to new markets with increased efficiency. This can help you to realize significant savings while boosting the competitive advantages of your supply chain.

Supply Chain and New Technologies

In addition to product labelingimplementing a new browser-based label printing solution, you will achieve the greatest gains if you also reduce your costs and increase your efficiency, flexibility, and responsiveness. Centralized database storage for labeling and labeling related information offers a great improvement because it facilitates ease of finding, comparing, and modifying information. A purpose built centralized product labeling database improves the speed and workflow of regulated label production and management and reduces the possibility of errors.

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