What Is Browser-Based Printing?

Browser-based printing solutions enable you to design and manage labels in a central location or locations and print from multiple geographic locations using only a browser. This approach delivers a number of advantages:

  • speeding up process and workflow
  • extending standardized labeling throughout your supply chain
  • eliminating wastage and over-stock of supplies
  • centralized logging of all data on previous print jobs, actions, errors, and alertsimgres
  • increasing overall efficiency
  • decreasing costs of inbound and outbound supply processes
  • increasing agility
  • improving compliance with collaborators
  • protecting brands
  • preventing counterfeiting
  • reducing product recalls

One of the main features of browser-based label printing is that it allows you full, global control over your printing process; you can easily customize your labels in a controlled environment and have them printed out anywhere in the world. All that is required is a browser and appropriate permissions. Data security is ensured by protecting your labeling data from unauthorized changes by defining user roles that enable specific label designers to create labels, but only allow printing by users, printers, and locations that have been pre-authorized.

Innovatum’s Web-based Printing Module

Innovatum offers a web-based printing solution that allows users to print approved labels while merging production related data from ERP, MES or PLM systems. It supports over 3,000 models of RFID label and barcode printers ranging from 65 individual manufacturers. The web-based reporting module enables SQL-based reports on all label system activity stored within a comprehensive system audit log. It can also export reports to MS Excel for internal distribution and analysis.

Our expert team at Innovatum delivers a tightly integrated suite of label design, management, and printing software known as ROBAR Labeling. Call us today to find out how our web-based printing solutions can help you to enhance your business.