UDI – Overcoming Obstacles and How To Maximize Value Webinar January 6, 2016

Jack Mazur, Principal JMG Recruiting, Pete Ginkel, Vice President ID Integration, Inc., and Lisa Fohey, CMRP PMP Director of Supply Chain Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin will be conducting a UDI Webinar hosted by JMG Recruiting from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm Eastern on Wednesday January 6, 2016.

Topics to be covered include Direct Part Marking technologies & application – The speaker will review the popular marking technologies for Direct Part Marking of Medical Devices.  The technologies reviewed will include:
Electrochemical etching, Laser marking, and Dot peen marking

How can healthcare providers maximize the value of UDI in the healthcare supply chain?  This presentation will explore the challenges providers encounter as they prepare to implement UDI:  technology shortcomings, competing priorities for resources, difficulty in creating a sense of urgency.

Please join us https://jmgrecruiting.leadpages.co/udi-webinar/

UDI Webinar