Highlights of Innovatum’s Robar Labeling and Regulatory Data Management System

A quick, condensed, and powerful PowerPoint style overview of Innovatum as a company and their ROBAR Enterprise Labeling System including topics such as: Company Overview, Notable Customers, and Efficiencies Gained Through the System.

Additional areas covered include, Label Creation and Process Controls, Artwork Management, Management of Raw Data / Metadata, Multi-User Electronic Label Approval, Redlining, Batch Record Creation Issuance, Label Reconciliation, Traceability, Destination Labeling, Labeling System Architecture, 100% Automated Print Inspection, Scalability and High Availability, Ease of Integration, Data Push and Pull Capabilities, Maintenance and Support.

Innovatum Announces ISO 9001:2015 Certification and EU MDR/IVDR Solutions at the 2018 UDI Conference

Sugar Hill Ga April 11, 2018

Innovatum ISO 9001:2015 Certification Announcement

Innovatum, Inc. is pleased to announce ISO 9001:2015 Certification by an ANAB accredited body for its quality management system for software development, delivery, and support as a Life Sciences software provider. ISO 9001 is the International Standard for Quality Management Systems. Innovatum’s commitment to quality is now substantiated by ISO 9001:2015 Certification. This development demonstrates an exciting and documented level of quality assurance for Innovatum as a labeling, regulatory data management, and submissions software company. Innovatum constantly sets the bar higher for similar companies in the industry.

Innovatum and EU/MDR IVDR Solutions at 2018 UDI Conference

As a proven provider of UDI solutions, Innovatum will be discussing EU MDR/IVDR considerations based upon experience and information gained by working with leading life sciences companies and through leadership in AIM. Considerations for challenging aspects of compliance such as destination labeling, implant card, eIFU management strategies and automated label print quality management will be addressed and demonstrated. Drop by Booth #19 at the 2018 UDI Conference in Baltimore, MD on April 24-25, 2018 to join in the discussion, learn and share your experiences.

The UDI Conference allows you to hear about solutions and approaches from other companies that are similar to yours and interact directly with the FDA UDI team. Examine the agenda at www.udiconference.com/UDI_Conference/ and register at www.udiconference.com/UDI_Conference/registration/ Remember to enter “INN” in the discount field for $100 off of the published rate.

Is Life Sciences Labeling Really That Complex?

The answer to that question in a word is yes, life sciences labeling is immeasurably complex. To provide you with an illustrative contrast based upon my decade of experience within the field of information security, life sciences labeling is a far more complex subject than an area such as Cyber-security technologies. If you think my previous statement is off-base, then keep reading. In addition to being exceptionally complex, labeling within the Life Sciences is also a mission critical function that is constantly changing as regulatory requirements are increasing exponentially around the world. Since the U.S. FDA considers the label to be part of the product, if products are not being properly labeled, those products must not be shipped. A product that is incorrectly labeled has the potential of causing injury or death. Labeling systems must also be extensible to accommodate new data in a flexible way as requirements will constantly continue to change.

UDI – Overcoming Obstacles and How To Maximize Value Webinar January 6, 2016

Jack Mazur, Principal JMG Recruiting, Pete Ginkel, Vice President ID Integration, Inc., and Lisa Fohey, CMRP PMP Director of Supply Chain Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin will be conducting a UDI Webinar hosted by JMG Recruiting from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm Eastern on Wednesday January 6, 2016.

Topics to be covered include Direct Part Marking technologies & application – The speaker will review the popular marking technologies for Direct Part Marking of Medical Devices.  The technologies reviewed will include:
Electrochemical etching, Laser marking, and Dot peen marking

How can healthcare providers maximize the value of UDI in the healthcare supply chain?  This presentation will explore the challenges providers encounter as they prepare to implement UDI:  technology shortcomings, competing priorities for resources, difficulty in creating a sense of urgency.

Please join us https://jmgrecruiting.leadpages.co/udi-webinar/

UDI Webinar