Enterprise Compliance Software

Innovatum’s Decades of Experience with Enterprise Compliance Systems and Singular Focus on Regulated Industries Minimizes Compliance Risks and Accelerates ROI

Innovatum has been developing and implementing enterprise compliance software solutions for regulated corporations in the Life Science since 1993. By working closely with many companies in the Life Sciences industry we have become intimately familiar with regulations governing pharmaceuticals, biological, medical device and combination products. Designing enterprise compliance software that is highly functional, elegant, capable and also scalable to meet new compliance challenges is an art which requires passion and an ear that is kept close to the ground. Our company founders and product managers eat, breathe and live in the life sciences industry. And we learn from the needs of our customers from our customers and due to our general involvement within the industry. There are always opportunities to reduce compliance risks and we are always seeking to find them.

Coupled with extensive expertise across a broad spectrum of enterprise technology platforms, Innovatum solutions and services offer unparalleled value in regulated corporations. This is due to Innovatum’s goal to empower the labeling and or regulatory compliance department with enterprise compliance software which greatly enables these departments while reducing their reliance on the IT department to the greatest extent possible. For Innovatum, products this includes full spectrum capabilities to coalesce data from other sources, interact with systems which provide randomized serialization data and link all of this data together at print time. The Innovatum product set also includes the capability to make this data available to other systems or for audit.

21 CFR is part of our DNA as all actions that are performed by our software are designed with 21 CFR compliance capability built in. Our product deliverables include test scripts both blank and executed. which have the capacity to greatly reduce the time and effort required for system validation within your unique environment. Please contact us for more information.