Innovatum’s ROBAR Family of Enterprise Labeling Products

A tightly integrated, interoperable suite of Enterprise Labeling Products, label design, management and printing, Master Data Management and communications technologies.

ROBAR Labeling – Centrally manages the entire label life cycle-from initial design and review to production use and eventual obsolescence.

  • Seamlessly integrate labeling with any major ERP, PLM or other similar enterprise system
  • Print labels in any International language including double-byte character sets like Japanese Kanji and Chinese with full Unicode compliance
  • Enable mass editing whereby a single change is applied across all relevant records and label templates; launching appropriate approval workflows

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ROBAR Master Data Manager – A browser based multi-enterprise master data management system specifically designed for the life sciences.

  • Virtually limitless, configurable database
  • Is version controlled with electronic signatures and Part 11 Compliance
  • Includes a multi-user, browser based workflow for review and approval of data

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ROBAR Communication Manager – Robust, plug-in based extensibility for easy validation, submission pre-check and post submission history for all types of life sciences communications purposes.

  • Summary and detail reports in PDF format
  • Utilizing HL7, XML, and other methodologies
  • New plugins created for future targets such as EU’s version of GUDID, custom systems or other

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