Browser Based Label Approval

InnoTasc Streamlines Document Management and Multi-Step Business Processes With Electronic, Web-Based Workflows.

Let’s face it. All software is becoming Browser based. The increasingly global nature of today’s business landscape requires powerful tools to effectively manage artwork, documents and tasks among multiple personnel, departments and physical locations. In addition, many industries face increased scrutiny of data, documentation and standard operating procedures from external regulatory agencies, both domestically and overseas. On the up side, technologies like the internet and wide area networks (WANs) offer unprecedented opportunities to assemble distributed personnel and collaborate on critical documents and tasks.

Consequently, Innovatum developed InnoTasc, a browser and web-based workflow tool for enterprise document and task management. Originally developed for quality assurance approvals in FDA-regulated industries, InnoTasc provides unparalleled security and comprehensive audit logs for compliance with regulations like FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and its international equivalents. It is ideal for any company that wants to increase visibility and accountability around important artwork, documents or business processes.

InnoTasc allows authorized users to electronically route any file type (e.g. PDFs, JPEGs, Word Documents, etc.) for review and approval. As the name implies, though, it can also be used without a file attachment to automate and track critical tasks. InnoTasc sends automatic e-mail notifications to relevant personnel with a link to the secure InnoTasc web portal. There, authorized users can review electronic documents, post comments for subsequent personnel in the workflow and view a summary of their activities and statuses in real-time. If you would like to learn how InnoTasc can help improve your document and process management procedures, please click on the links in the right panel for more details, or contact us for a free consultation.