Designing Labels

ROBAR Enables Advanced, Professional Label Design With Unparalleled Simplicity and Ease-of-Use:

GS1 certification for label design software is a common requirement and Innovatum has that covered though its use of BarTender by Seagull Scientific. Today’s pharmaceutical and medical device labels are extremely complex; requiring an ever-increasing volume of regulated text, bar codes and graphics in a limited space. With the wrong tool, designing these intricate labels can be a configuration nightmare. That is why Innovatum selected BarTender Enterprise from Seagull Scientific as ROBAR’s label design engine after an extensive evaluation of available label design tools. Specifically, we chose to work with BarTender due to its advanced integration options, superior Windows compatibility and wealth of sophisticated design innovations:

  • “Designed for Windows” certification from Microsoft Corporation.
  • Native Unicode support, which enables seamless printing of any international language, including double-byte characters like Japanese Kanji and Chinese.
  • Microsoft-certified Printer Drivers for over 4,000 bar code and RFID label printers from leading manufacturers like Intermec, Datamax,(Honeywell) SATO, TEC, Printronix, Zebra, and more.
  • WYSIWYG Design Interface available in 20 international languages.
  • Multiple “Wizards” for step-by-step instructions on configuring page setup options, advanced bar codes and RFID Smart Tags.
  • Support for the greatest number of linear and 2D bar code symbologies.
  • Widest variety of advanced serialization options.
  • Drag-&-drop creation of all basic label objects like text, lines, boxes, graphics and bar codes.
  • “Toolbox” with pre-configured label objects – such as complex bar code and RFID data structures – available for simple drag-&-drop creation on any template.
  • Intuitive Auto-Sizing and object alignment options.
  • Ability to group and save any number of label objects as a “component,” which is then available as a drag-&-drop item from the Toolbox on subsequent templates.
  • SAP-certified data interface. GS1 Certified label design interface.

Our decision to integrate with BarTender also highlights the fact that Innovatum is one of the only vendors in this market that actually got its start by developing enterprise software explicitly for the Life Sciences. Specifically, ROBAR began first with Innovatum’s comprehensive understanding of the unique compliance challenges in regulated industries,  followed by an objective evaluation of the best available components and technology partners to help meet those challenges with regard to labeling operations.

Consequently, in developing ROBAR, Innovatum had the freedom to build a system based on what was best for our customers, versus retro-fitting a basic application that was never originally intended for the industry. Therefore, ROBAR not only meets the majority of user and functional requirements out-of-the-box without custom programming, it is also supported by a vendor wholly dedicated to the compliance challenges of FDA-regulated manufacturers in the Life Sciences.

If you would like to learn more about how ROBAR’s Microsoft-certified and GS1 certifed label design interface can help meet your regulated label design requirements, please contact us for more information.