IBM i Label Printing for the 21st Century

iROBAR – True Windows Label Printing For the IBM i

Innovatum’s ROBAR software has been helping print labels for over a decade at some of the world’s leading companies. As a natural extension of this software, iROBAR brings IBM i data to the world of Windows label printing. iROBAR uses best of breed capabilities to combine the legendary reliability and power of the IBM platform with the infinite flexibility of a Windows based design and print engine. No longer does one have to be limited by clunky label design environments and restrictions, driven by printer hardware.

Design a single label template and print it to any of hundreds of families of printers. Add a new kind of printer without having to perform any programming changes. The required configuring can easily be done by a labeling coordinator, therefore freeing IT to accomplish tasks that only IT can.

Use any Windows font on any printer. Print any kind of barcode. Charge RFID tags. Comply with domestic and international regulations. Do all of this from the comfort of a Windows program that is no more complicated than MSWord. In true WYSIWYG fashion, drag, drop, cut, copy, paste, rotate, embolden, and perform a myriad of other formatting actions to generate, exactly, the labels you need.

Remove “we can’t do that” from your labeling lexicon.

ROBAR and BarTender

The universally acclaimed BarTender label design and print engine is at the heart of the ROBAR family of products. Through a very strong partnership, Innovatum and Seagull Scientific have met the labeling needs of many FDA regulated companies. BarTender provides the infinitely flexible design and print capabilities, while the ROBAR software and database provides the rock solid controls, needed by our customers.


iROBAR, which is currently implemented and operational at a number of IBM i installations, creates the bridge between the two environments. Configuration, retained in IBM i native files, is used by iROBAR APIs to accept label printing requests from RPG or other programming languages. The assimilated request is then seamlessly communicated to the Windows environment where, within seconds, the label is printed at networked printers.

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