ROBAR Combines Microsoft-Certified Label Printer Drivers and Comprehensive Data Logging Features for the Ultimate in Printing Performance and Regulatory Compliance.

ROBAR natively supports over 4,000 printers by default. This extensive capability covers the most commonly used printers which exist in production environments all over the world. Other printers can also be accommodated for. The principal goal of any label software system is to print professional-quality labels with the correct data while maximizing the performance of system resources. In the Life Sciences, companies must also retain detailed information about every printed label for regulatory purposes. These labeling objectives present a significant challenge since they are often in direct opposition (i.e. compliance at the expense of performance).

Many Life Science manufacturers currently address this challenge with homegrown systems built from a combination of off-the-shelf (OTS) applications, custom programming and manual SOPs. While these homegrown systems may address the minimum requirements, they tend to rely heavily on disparate technologies and manual procedures. The result is a system that all-too-often has to sacrifice hardware performance and staff productivity for regulatory compliance.

Innovatum was founded on the principle that regulated companies should never have to sacrifice performance for compliance. Thus, after an extensive review of industrial label printing methods, we chose to partner with Seagull Scientific to integrate their Drivers By Seagull as the print engine in ROBAR. The result is an enterprise label system that addresses regulatory requirements with automated controls and time-saving innovations while providing unrivaled printing performance and reliability.

Regulatory Compliance:

  • Functional-level security limits printing access based on job function to protect the integrity of label templates and data.
  • Configurable print screen allows production users to enter or scan a single data element – like Lot number – to automatically print the correct product data and label template. This not only saves time, but it can reduce printing errors by up to 99%.
  • Reconciliation screen allows authorized users to enter print-related data such as quantity of labels printed and for what purpose (i.e. production, scrap, document control, etc.).
  • Comprehensive audit log with “who, what, when, where and why” for every print job. Can even retain a jpg image of printed labels, depending on storage constraints.

Printing Performance:

ROBAR comes with Microsoft-certified Windows printer drivers for over 3,000 label printer models from 56 manufacturers worldwide, including more than 40 RFID-enabled models.

  • “Designed for Windows” certification means that the drivers have been evaluated and certified by Microsoft as meeting stringent technical standards for optimum Windows compatibility.
  • Allows users to take full advantage of performance features in both the Windows OS (e.g. Print Spooler and Print Manager) and industrial-grade label printers (e.g. printer-resident fonts and bar codes).
  • Includes drivers for print engines in automated print-and-apply packaging lines (e.g. Zebra PAX and SATO M-Class).
  • Same drivers that are recommended by leading label printer manufacturers.

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