ROBAR Protects Label Templates and Data While Streamlining Administrative Overhead With Extensive Security Features and Flexible Configuration.

Systems that produce medical device and drug labels require extensive security measures to safeguard consumer health. While there are thousands of options for securing IT operations on a macro scale, few provide the granularity to secure labeling at the system level without significant customization and ongoing support. Consequently, most companies end up with a mix of stand-alone electronic measures and manual procedures, often resulting in limited flexibility, increased maintenance, user error and challenging upgrades. Replacing and consolidating disparate labeling approaches begins to pay dividends immediately by reducing risks through built-in security.

Innovatum has been developing, implementing and validating enterprise-class software systems for leading Life Science manufacturers since 1993. Consequently, ROBAR’s Security reflects our unrivaled expertise in FDA-regulated software development with extensive options to protect manufacturers from regulatory exposure, and consumers from dangerous labeling errors:

  • Functional-Level Security Access: ROBAR’s Security Maintenance screen lists every system function – such as designing, printing, approving, etc – in a table with selectable Yes-No values. This allows IT to define explicit ROBAR access rights for any number of users and/or groups down to a single function if necessary. Thus, ROBAR enables access for all relevant departments and personnel, regardless of their involvement, which increases productivity and improves lead times.
  • Centrally Managed: ROBAR is an enterprise  system. Thus, all security settings are managed and retained at the server level. This not only simplifies administration, but it also allows companies to apply standard security settings and policies across any number of sites around the world. ROBAR can be easily intergrated with Microsoft’s Active Directory and also supports Biometric authentication as well as security badge swiping.
  • Failsafe Redundancy: Recognizing the mission critical nature of labeling in pharmaceutical and medical device environments, ROBAR includes numerous options to ensure un-interrupted label printing at remote-sites in virtually any network-down scenario.

If you would like to learn more about how ROBAR’s extensive, industry-optimized security features can help improve your regulated labeling operations, contact us for more information.