Regulatory Compliance Consultants

Innovatum: Regulatory Compliance Consultants

Numerous technical and regulatory factors apply to virtually all Enterprise Compliance Software projects. However, no two companies approach them in precisely the same manner, which is often illustrated by the level of vendor-supplied services a company elects to retain for a project. That’s why you need Regulatory Compliance Consultants like Innovatum to help manage your project from start to finish.

Consequently, Innovatum offers a full range of professional services in support of our ROBAR solutions. Our experienced team of IT and Regulatory Compliance consultants can assume as much of the implementation and validation work as necessary for any given project. Most Innovatum customers determine the optimal level of Services based on the availability of internal resources relative to timeline and budget. For instance, a customer with a tight deadline and limited internal resources may decide that the opportunity cost of dedicating those resources to the project is greater than sourcing the work through Innovatum. At the end if the day, the right mix of skills and resources from all sides is agreed as part of planning.

Regardless of your company’s unique situation, Innovatum can tailor a solution to meet any project scope, budget and timeline with experienced and knowledgeable resources. To that end, please see the following descriptions of general services offered for all Innovatum software solutions.

Available Services – General:

  • Business Analysis & System Design: The most technically advanced and feature-rich software system on earth is worthless if it does not meet a company’s specific business needs. Consequently, Innovatum offers a full range of consulting services to analyze a company’s existing systems and operating procedures in order to design and configure an implementation that will offer the greatest value with the least amount of risk.
  • Integration: In a perfect world, you could implement a single software system from a single vendor to meet all of your business computing needs company-wide. In the real world, however, this simply is not feasible. Consequently, the true strength of a company’s enterprise systems is the extent to which they work seamlessly with one another via integration. Innovatum software solutions incorporate the latest in standard technology interfaces to ensure seamless integration with virtually any enterprise system running on virtually any platform. In addition, our experienced staff can build manage the entire integration process and even build custom integration interfaces when necessary.
  • Custom Development: While Innovatum’s enterprise compliance software solutions meet the vast majority of customer requirements “out-of-the-box” via configuration, customers often wish to augment standard functionality to meet unique requirements. By virtue of our early history as a custom software developer, Innovatum has the experience and resources to meet any unique requirement.
  • Validation: System Validation is an in-depth testing and documentation process required in most regulated manufacturing environments to ensure that software systems and standard operating procedures produce expected results in a test environment prior to use in production. Innovatum offers comprehensive Validation Documentation for each of its enterprise compliance software systems in order to simplify this process. In addition, our validation resources have years of in-depth, hands-on experience with all areas of system validation, from designing and writing protocols (IQ, OQ, and PQ), to developing and executing test plans and cases.

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