ROBAR Training

Get World Class ROBAR Training and Education

Training involves more that just learning how to use software. It should be an embodiment of the best practices methodologies that are delivered through the proper and most efficient use of the software. Give your workforce the knowledge and skills they need to meet your strategic goals – with training and education courses designed to help you maximize the power of your ROBAR solution. We can help you create a comprehensive training plan for your specific needs, manage your talent, empower end users with both live and online courses – and drive greater labeling proficiency across your organization. With ROBAR training, your team will quickly be proficient in Innovatum’s solutions to make the most of your investment.

Working hand in hand with cutting edge companies within the life sciences industry for decades, Innovatum thought leaders have been consistently exposed to the latest in ground breaking approaches and emerging trends. In turn, with the insight they derive from the trends that they discern, they provide expert guidance to the FDA and manufacturers alike. Innovatum’s prominent and involving role within the AIM North America Healthcare Committee ensures access to other specialized industry professionals who apply their deep technical grasp to an ever growing body of knowledge. While the combination of acute industry direction awareness with sparkling creativity enables Innovatum to deliver cutting edge technologies known as the ROBAR product family, successfully conveying the most effective use of these technologies all comes down to proper training and education.

ROBAR training increases the product adoption rate among users, reduces risk and ensures employee development. Innovatum ROBAR training options for the most efficient and effective use of Innovatum’s ROBAR product line include:

  • On-site training: Innovatum is available to visit on-site for training and logistics sessions as needed. This form of training is very effective since students work on actual projects in their own environment.
  • Classroom based training: Innovatum can conduct training in a classroom of your choosing. Classroom training offers the advantage of allowing students to learn from other students in the classroom setting by sharing their real life experiences.
  • Web based live training: Teleconference based training via the Internet facilitates immediate interaction between teacher and student. Expert coaching during real-time problem solving activities maximizes performance.
  • Web based video training: Professionally produced training videos are made available via the Web. Offering students the ability to learn at their own pace and replay video segments that are of the most interest to them can be the right fit for some of your team members.
  • Train the trainer training: If you choose to use an internal resource to conduct training, Innovatum can accommodate you by training your trainer. Innovatum trainers then assists your trainers in real life training scenarios until such time as your trainers wish to deliver training on their own.

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