Optimized Enterprise Labeling, Cost Effectively Delivered

Innovatum’s enterprise labeling software solutions optimize the compliant automation of product and package labeling and regulatory data upload.

Only those of us who are responsible for labeling can truly understand just how much of a challenge enterprise labeling can be. Labeling is a mission critical system! Without it, production can come to a stop and labeling errors are the number one reason for product recalls.

Inherent difficulties are now compounded by new regulatory pressures such as UDI, serialization, GHS/CLP, and EU MDD. Labeling demands made by countries such as China, Turkey, and Brazil add further complexity. Innovatum’s ROBAR software and labeling expertise immediately addresses these and other hurdles while optimizing the compliant and efficient automation of product and package labeling with global support around the clock. Innovatum is rapidly resetting the bar for enterprise labeling capabilities and support in the life sciences industry.

Selecting the best enterprise labeling system possible is your primary consideration yet cost is an important factor. With ROBAR, the cost/value trade-off is no longer an issue. Whether you need a Global Labeling System or you work for a medium sized business or smaller company that desires no compromise capability and quality, Innovatum has a system for your:

Small Business

ROBAR software that is used for a Global Labeling System is the same software that is used by Small Businesses. Since a smaller number of licenses are required, the cost of the system is much lower. All of the functionality and useful capabilities that are required by a company that is running a Global Labeling System or a company that is a Medium sized business are the same. The system is extremely scalable and Virtual Machine aware so capacity can grow as your company grows. Innovatum offers a special program called the Small Business Enabler (SBE) for smaller companies so they can attain the same level of quality labeling that larger ROBAR customers have.

Medium Sized Business

The exact same ROBAR software that is used for a Global Labeling System is used for Medium Sized Businesses. The only difference is that since a smaller number of licenses are required, the cost of the enterprise labeling system adjusts accordingly. All of the functionality and capabilities that are required by a Global Labeling System are intact. The system is infinitely scalable and Virtual Machine aware so it can grow with you as your company grows.

Global Enterprise Labeling System

ROBAR is the Global Labeling System for several of the worlds’ largest life sciences companies. The system is infinitely scalable, Virtual Machine aware and Innovatum’s largest customer, is running ROBAR on a pair of highly available 32 processor systems with 64 GB of RAM each. There are over 130 label printing sites globally, 90+ contract manufacturers that print labels via browser, more than 140,000 items in the product line, 45 different brands of printers, and one label template is being used to support over 30,000 items. The ROBAR system also includes multiple redundant instances with automatic synchronization and fail-over to ensure 24/7 printing worldwide in the event of communications outages.

Innovatum’s ROBAR Enterprise Label Management Solution is an agile, database driven, and fully configurable system that allows our customers to comply today and quickly address unforeseen requirements in the future. Capabilities such as version controlled master data management with fully automated GUDID upload, serialization enablement, data driven regulatory images, multi-language translation, RFID support, and linear & 2D barcoding are delivered by a user friendly Windows and web based approach.

Using XML and web services, ROBAR integrates enterprise labeling with any major ERP, PLM, MES, or similar enterprise system. ROBAR centrally manages and dramatically speeds up the entire label life cycle while providing appropriate and secure levels of access for various business functions. Centralized management ensures uniform label look, enables consolidation and standardization of Label SOPs, and simplifies management for Corporate IT/QA/QC/RA personnel