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Innovatum – Regulatory Compliance Experts Delivering World-Class Compliance Software and Professional Services Since 1993.

Innovatum is a regulated labeling software and consulting services company; a prolific innovator in its industry, tightly focused on life sciences labeling for more than thirty years. At Innovatum, as regulatory compliance experts we provide specialty, configurable labeling software to fit any life sciences need. We have championed many of the most significant innovations in the industry, while maintaining 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

Over the years, Innovatum has demonstrated efficiency and scalability in the midst of explosive demand. We have earned the trust and confidence of our customers, who comprise some of the world’s largest life sciences companies. Our technology and services accurately label billions of dollars’ worth of life sciences product for shipment around the globe each year. For example, one of Innovatum’s larger customers uses our printing capabilities in over 150 locations around the globe! Innovatum’s customers continually acquire other companies, expand into new markets, upload regulatory data and employ the services of new 3rd party manufacturers seamlessly and painlessly using Innovatum’s highly scalable ROBAR family of technologies.

Innovatum’s proven solutions frequently replace options which have been licensed from our competitors. Additionally, 100% of Innovatum’s customers elect to pay for continuing annual software maintenance and elect to use their Innovatum software year after year, easily passing audit after audit with their labeling software doing everything that they want and need it to do. This is the quality that sets us above our competitors.

100% of our research and development is focused solely on the life sciences arena and an unmatched commitment to customer satisfaction. Innovatum is unique in its earned ability to proudly boast that it has maintained a 100% referenceable customer base since its inception.

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