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Labeling For All Sizes Of Companies

Helping Companies Grow - Superior Software Paired with Extraordinary Support

Enterprise Labeling Ready means that the exact same software used by companies with 250,000 employees is used by companies with as few as 25 employees. This is due to a capable architecture in ROBAR software that you will never outgrow — scalable, yet consistently superior, regardless of need. If your company is small, medium, or large, we have pricing and services to match.

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We Provide

Labeling Systems for Smaller Life Sciences Companies

Smaller sized companies often have fewer available labeling resources, smaller IT departments, and overall, less capital to work with. They want many of the capabilities that larger companies have in their life sciences labeling systems but need them on a smaller budget. Innovatum enjoys helping smaller companies get off of the ground with a labeling system they will never feel a need to replace.

Enterprise Labeling Ready

ROBAR is “enterprise” in strength, not necessarily in cost. It includes the functionality and reliability of a system meant for global operations in a manageable package, accessible by as many licenses as sufficiently needed.

Small Business Enabler Programs

Understanding that smaller companies often have smaller budgets, Innovatum offers a Small Business Enabler Program (SBE) to assist smaller companies. We allow for a quality system that grows with companies at a reduced cost. Part of this includes the option of cloud hosting, which shifts labeling system cost from a capital expenditure to an operational one.

Cloud Based Labeling – A Hosted Solution That Works

ROBAR Online changes the usage of a world class life sciences labeling system from being a capital expense into an operational expense. All of the same capabilities are there, and the system can easily be ported on-premise if desired.

Single-Tenancy- Your Only Viable Cloud Option

Life sciences labeling is ever changing and system changes require validation. Multi-tenancy requires all users to experience production down-time when one system user requires a system change. Innovatum’s ROBAR is only deployed as a single-tenant system.

Making Your Company More Investable and Acquirable

A number of small companies have decided to start out with a ROBAR enterprise capable labeling system. They felt it would make them more investable and acquirable and they were right. Innovatum has many success stories to share -- contact us now.

We Provide

Labeling Systems for Medium Sized Life Sciences Companies

Mid-sized companies do well to invest in a labeling system that is designed for the life sciences. Doing so provides a competitive advantage. For example, several of Innovatum’s customers in the biopharma space use ROBAR to label and track products from raw materials receipt all the way through to delivering patient specific modalities while providing post market surveillance tie-ins.

A Modular System Helps Any Company Scale

Most Innovatum customers begin with one module, such as labeling or regulatory submissions. Shortly afterwards, good news about superior software, extraordinary support, and high satisfaction levels spreads internally. Additional modules are easily added when needed.

Enterprise Labeling Systems for Large Life Sciences Companies

In one of Innovatum’s global implementations, a single template is used for over 30,000 SKUs and prints on more than 50 different types of printers. At its core, ROBAR is a labeling system for the life sciences. It is uniquely equipped to handle the needs of the largest companies.

Maximizing Efficiency Pays Dividends

Automate manual processes and increase efficiencies while reducing risks by ensuring accuracy. Making approval workflows easily available to all stakeholders is only the beginning. 21 CFR compliant mass changes, controlled label releases, and regionally specific content and print capabilities revitalize your labeling operations.

Virtually Limitless Scalability

The addition of ROBAR print servers ensures short wait times for first label out regardless of location. 99.999% uptimes have been reported by Innovatum customers for years due to high-availability and zero downtime failover built into the system design.

Browser Access for All System Users

Working in a browser is clearly better. All users of a ROBAR system access the system via a browser. Moreover, since the majority of users are not involved in label design work, their access to ROBAR is server based and unlimited.

Ensure Accurate Data

A labeling system for the life sciences needs to be able to exchange data with virtually any system in the enterprise. ROBAR offers a host of integration capabilities and Innovatum has always been able to integrate systems to the complete satisfaction of everyone involved. Whether it be variable data for a GTIN or reporting GTINs used to other systems, ROBAR handles it all.

Extraordinary Global Support

Innovatum is known for extraordinary support. In fact, support is the number one reason why companies leave our competitors to partner with Innovatum. Response times are measured in minutes and the list of outstanding trouble tickets is kept very low. Talk with our customers to find out for yourself.

We Work With Organizations Around the World

We provide complete systems, modular systems, consulting, training, and exemplary 24/7 support services across all borders and time zones.