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What We Do

End to End Enterprise Labeling for Life Sciences

Superior Software Extraordinary Support

ROBAR optimizes the centralized management and delivery of the entire labeling life cycle from initial design and review to production and then to eventual label obsolescence. The entire system may be accessed via a browser as cloud, on-premise, or SaaS and is supported by Innovatum 24/7/365.

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Our Unique Approach

100% of our customers have agreed to be references over our two decades of providing services and consultation. Our solid reputation for excellent consulting and, arguably, the best support in the industry, has allowed us bring our end to end enterprise labeling system to its current impressive and elevated state.

No Need to Hassle With Archives

ROBAR’s underlying software design keeps decades of labeling data instantly available without a need to manage and search archives. All authorized label reprints are made simple, quick, and auditable.

Only Tier-One Customer Support

Innovatum only offers 24/7/365, top tier support with a live person answering the phone by default. Our support personnel, with many years of experience, have helped implement ROBAR and understand it on a customer specific level. They understand the front and back end of the system and consistently resolve problems quickly and completely.

Shortest Times For First Label Out

• First label prints in under 5 seconds - B&W Label.
• First label prints in under 15 seconds - Color Label at 1600 DPI.
Regardless of geographical location

Highest Label Template Consolidation Ratios

ROBAR label template consolidation ratios are the highest in the industry. The system creates less need to create and manage different templates to support different printer and DPI resolutions.

Unique Workflow Capabilities

ROBAR provides 100% browser-based redlining with version controlled comments, sequential or parallel routing, stakeholder notifications, and PLM integrations. Best of all, our system allows easy reconfiguration if stakeholders need to be replaced in a workflow or many workflows.

Enterprise Labeling Ready

The word “Enterprise” does not necessarily mean that ROBAR is only meant for big companies. The same software, used by companies with 250 thousand employees, is used by companies with 25 employees due to a capable architecture that you will never outgrow. Built-in redundancies ensure consistent uptime

Your Expectations Realized

Outside of the labeling department, both the importance and the complexity of life sciences labeling are often underappreciated. Understanding this, Innovatum has re-envisioned labeling with its preeminent end to end enterprise labeling system, ROBAR. It eliminates complexity and maximizes delivery against your enterprise labeling needs. From its inception, ROBAR has been designed to ensure that the labeling team gets exactly what it needs with minimal involvement from the IT department.

Powerful and Flexible Enterprise Labeling Database

ROBAR integrates information from different sources of truth as a pass through for data from enterprise systems. It also serves as a repository for data that does not presently have a home and provides clean pulls and pushes of enterprise labeling data (content) from wherever it resides to wherever it is needed.

Extensive Printer Support

Microsoft-Certified Printer Drivers for over 4,000 bar code and RFID label printers from leading manufacturers like Intermec, Datamax, (Honeywell) SATO, TEC, Printronix, and Zebra, etc. are all supported.

Granular and Adaptable Security

ROBAR interfaces with Active Directory in concert with your company’s needs. View, add, and edit individual users security groups, and security processes, roles and access management for the entire enterprise. The system provides granular and trackable control for partners, suppliers, vendors, and 3PLs.

Easy Integration with Enterprise Systems

Integrate with any ERP, PLM, QMS, MES or similar enterprise systems, merging variable data with approved label templates at print time. ROBAR provides more interfacing options than anyone in the industry, going way beyond web services and SOAP.

The ROBAR Team Philosophy

  • Never Sunset – no forced upgrades or migrations.
  • Provide free product upgrades for customers who are current with their maintenance.
  • Enhance the base product instead of producing one-off customizations.
  • Find drive in improving the product and providing the best support possible, not maximizing profits.

We Work With Organizations Around the World

We provide complete systems, modular systems, consulting, training, and exemplary 24/7 support services across all borders and time zones.