Managing label design and production using disparate label design and printing tools, emailing label templates or relying on people to choose the right template from the right folder is expensive. Expense stems from inefficiency but more importantly, expense explodes when mistakes are made.

ROBAR enables central management of the entire label life cycle-from initial design and review to production use and eventual obsolescence. It seamlessly integrates labeling with any ERP, PLM or similar enterprise system, merging variable data with approved label templates at print time.

  • Granular security ensures appropriate access
  • Web based design allows use with contract manufacturers and or suppliers
  • Integrated and automated review and approval workflow together with mass editing and updates
  • Launch appropriate approval workflows
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Innovatum builds enterprise software systems for the compliance challenges of highly-regulated industries. Our personnel have years of experience implementing ERP and enterprise labeling systems and integrating the two in validated Part 11 compliant environments. Combining this with our executive leadership role in the AIM North America UDI Committee and our technology, including the GS1 certified label design and print engine, makes Innovatum an exceptional partner in addressing all labeling challenges.