Master Data Management Software

Master Data Management Software Ensures The Right Data Is In The Right Place

The concept of master data management simplifies data management. This type of management, utilizing Innovatum’s Master Data Management Software, also keeps data accurate by striving to develop and maintain a quintessential, “single source of truth” within an organization. It is all about ensuring that the right data is in the right place at all times.

In other words, effectively managing critical data in an organization and related data that is external to the organization (i.e. CMO, 3PL, Distributor, remote plant site, country specific localization, etc.) while providing a single and conclusive point of reference. Attempts toward achieving this ideal necessitates the use of master data management software and corresponding data governance approaches.

Achieving conclusive master data management for organizations within the life sciences industry requires an additional level of data management stringency, change history capture and extensive 21 CFR reporting capabilities. Providing the ability by department or group for individuals to enter and update the information that they are responsible for helps to distribute work in a controlled way and task dependency in project management can be easily enforced. In essence, master data management for life sciences labeling has to be built from the ground up to be complete enough for life sciences labeling.

As defined here, life sciences labeling encompasses a range of areas including regulatory data that is to be placed on labels, data to be submitted to regulatory bodies such as FDA and others, data to be maintained for 21 CFR, and for use within documentation. Designing and building a master data solution is exactly what Innovatum has done in conjunction with input from many of it’s cutting edge customers.

Innovatum: The Only Vendor Offering Life Sciences Specific MDM

The term single source of truth implies that a single database is being used. However, this is rarely the case in actuality. In the majority of cases, data resides in multiple places in and outside of an organization and it is important that it remains that way. Effectively managing critical data involves providing procedural and technical (i.e. software permissions and or business rule enforced) control to ensure that appropriate data is not being overwritten or ignored when it should be the data that is being used.

Systems that are being used to manage specific types of data, ERP, PLM, MES, document management and approval, etc. are put in place for good reason. Using the information that they house with master data management software being used as a pass through is vital. As the data is being passed through, it is important to be able to make snapshots of where other system were in any given point and time. Data can also be pulled from other systems and combined into new and unique values.

Normalization of data or data translation for data coming from other systems is an important capability too. Innovatum is the only vendor that is providing a life sciences specific master data management software offering. This product and related set of implementation, best practices development and validation services are known as ROBAR MDM.

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