MDM Software

MDM Software

MDM Software, also referred to as Master Data Management, is a natural evolution that came about after mainframes were replaced with distributed systems throughout enterprises. One of the obvious appeals of the mainframe was the centralization of data and therefore increased control over the potential of having duplicate and or conflicting data. With decentralization of data, flexibility is increased and wait times for processing is significantly reduced but issues with having multiple sources of truth arise. Duplicate data is okay as long as it is mirrored accurately but problems arise when data is supposed to be the same in separate places and is not.

Data control fifedoms that spawn from inter-company politics are a byproduct of complex business environments and differing business requirements of different divisions. However, there are very real benefits to purpose built systems that are specifically designed to be managed and controlled by specific departments. Irregardless of the origin of the reason for having duplicate data, the existence of multiple sources of data within life sciences companies is only a natural development as technologies and demands evolve and businesses grow more complex.

MDM Software: Purpose Built For The Life Sciences Industry

At Innovatum, when we begin speaking with a life sciences company and explain our concept of ROBAR MDM being a life sciences specific MDM system, the response that we often receive is often, “oh- we just implemented a MDM solution from X,Y or Z company”. It is important to convey that while master data management software, policies and processes are vital due to the decentralization of data, MDM for the life sciences incorporates some very significant differences and requires MDM software which is purpose built for the life sciences industry.

Due to ever shifting regulatory requirements brought about by continuously evolving regulatory bodies around the world, globalization has brought about a requirement for increased flexibility and control for local regulatory requirements (i.e. localization). There are huge advantages to allowing persons who are responsible for maintaining regulatory compliance for a specific regulatory body(s) to maintain control of data that pertains to their domain of expertise. Automatic and granular audit history for data changes throughout the enterprise is also a specific requirement that only a life sciences specific MDM solution can deliver.

ROBAR MDM Is Your MDM Software Solution

ROBAR MDM, a MDM software solution that is designed specifically for life sciences industries, supports these and other requirements such as serving as a pass through or as a repository for information. It also provides a means for users (with appropriate access privileges) to enter or manipulate data within the system. The MDM software is infinitely configurable and there are as many as six different integration options. This allows connectivity to While having the ability to mix both push and pull mechanisms, one of these options includes the ability to specify a SQL string. The SQL string can be complex and it is possible to involve data from disparate systems and deliver a unique (calculated) value as a result. Tightly controlled integration can be extended to organizations such as CMO, 3PL, Distributors, remote plant sites, etc.

Please refer to the image below to see a depiction of a complex real-world integration of one of Innovatum’s customers.

mdm software - ROBAR Integration - Innovatum

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